Electric Minibike Power Pack Plans & Electric Briggs Plans: $9.96US
Click above to pay $9.96 US and access to the Electric Minibike Power Pack Plans & Electric Briggs Plans.
These Plans basically are the Online Links to all the parts you need to assemble the Power Pack & the Electric Briggs. There are also the wiring schematics. There is also a list of other solutions that I have tested , but unfortunately didn't work.

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Motor: Go-Kart starter RH from TS-Racing (Coleman) Voltage: 12 V
Starting Amps: ? Amps
Possible Minibike Max Speed : 32 km/hr (20 mph)
Range : 9~18km (5.5~11mi)Estimated
Motor Sprocket : 9 teeth #35 / 11T #35 with Clutch Chain
Lubrication:lubricate it frequently at the motor main bearings, since the it is not a roller bearing motor.
Power control : handlebar mounted 1 wire On-Off Switch
Current Control: 12V High Side Relay+Security Switch
Weight: 19(+-1)lbs clutch version including packaging (no battery)
Weight: 17(+-1)lbs Direct Drive version including packaging (no battery)
Weight: 15(+-1)lbs No wires No Sprocket(no battery)
Weight: 40(+-2)lbs 80Ah 12V Battery

Install the Power Pack in a Minibike.
Connect the Power Pack to the Minibike with a #35 chain.
Connect a 12V battery to the motor.
Turn on the Battery safety Switch.
Go and modulate speed by pushing on the power switch.

-)No Clutch Version; the motor and the wheel are directly connected by the chain. It is a solution more efficient then the clutch, but it features pretty strong accelerations from 0 speed. Therefore this solution is adapted only to people that are willing to accept the strong acceleration and possible wheeling for a little bit more of efficiency. Foot starting the minibike , even a little, will already reduce the stall acceleration of quite significant levels.
-)Centrifugal Clutch Version; the centrifugal clutch mounted on the motor shaft smooth out the accelerations, making the electric minibike adapted to be ridden by everybody.

the user assumes all responsibility for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential, loss or damage (including without limitation personal injuries) in any way related to this product or to the use of this product.
The use of Electric Vehicles can be dangerous, death or injury may occur. The User assumes that risk. I am not responsible or liable for any damage due to the use of this product. Customer are expected to evaluate with their own criteria the safety status of the product.