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About Biciclaggio

Biciclaggio (Bi-Ciclaggio) is the Italian word for Bicycling (Bi-Cycling).
Bi-Cycling as Re-Cycling from bicycles for bicycles.
We intend to use this logo as some sort of  quality assurance proof, stating that all products labeled with the Biciclaggio logo are truthfully recycled from bicyle parts or enable recycling bicyles or bicycle parts.
Biciclaggio is an hobby motivated initiative. The people involved is variable depending on the particular interest of the moment.
Contact Us
We can be contacted by phone in Italy at  ++39 349 5472346. Email ( or regular mail.
We try our best to answer Emails within 24 Hrs.
If you have a question please do not hesitate to call us at anytime.
We want you to be a happy satisfied buyer so please does not hesitate to call with any type of question.

Shipping policies
We will ship anywhere in the world. The buyer must pay the shipping costs, unless agreed differently.
All shipping cost quotes are an estimate and could change based on actual weight and if liftgate or a forklift is needed for unloading. If the item needs to be crated this is a extra cost. The cost is based on the size of the item.
If you want shipping insurance you must advise us.

Cash, Credit Card, Online Payments, Money Orders, Bank Checks, Wire Transfers and Merchandise Exchanges.
We will take Business or Personal Checks. However
items will not be shipped until check has cleared.

Sales Tax
Unless specified differently, buyers outside of the EU are responsible for handling all import fees and international sales taxes.

The item will be ship 1 to 7 days after clearance of payment. If item needs to be crated it may take extra time.
Items may be pickup by advance appointment.
Some items we sell require special trucks and trailers for shipping to be cost effective. It could take anywhere from 7 to 14 days for you to received the item.

Refunds & Returns
Unless specified differently, we do accept returns. Our return policy changes item by item, but it normally includes a 20% restocking fee. The products we sell are in new or less then new conditions, since they are pre used for break-in and for demonstration rides at bicycle shows. The paint may be blemished in few spots; there may be some minor dents. Some minor adjustments may be needed.

Unless specified differently, all Biciclaggio products are sold with lifetime warranty.  As usual the warranty doesn't cover wear and tear as well as misuse.  For all other failures and problems, please get in contact with us, we will do our best to repair the bike as long as spare parts last.

Get Assistance, Maintenance and Support
Lifetime assistance and maintenance service is available from us.
For assistance and support e-mail:

Responsibility Disclaimer
Bike Riding is dangerous and can be deadly.  All Biciclaggio Products are prototypes.  Safety testing is still on progress.  The user is expected to evaluate on his own the safety of these products.  The maker claims no responsibility for any injury or accident caused by the use of this bike.

Commercial Note
Products and prices can change without notice. All Biciclaggio products might be "a little rough on the edges" since they are recycled and fabricated by hobbysts.
The Maker will provide Lifetime assistance and parts in case of need. The Maker will pre-test and break-in all the prototypes for safety concerns.

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