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Aero Hump Pocket
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The Aero Hump Pocket enables you to carry more stuff while improving your aerodynamic penetration.

You can sew it on virtually any cycling jersey. It creates two pockets, one on top of the other.  The upper pocket is kept in shape by a foam sheet, maintaining the aerodynamic shape either if the pocket is full or empty. It is available in many colours and, upon request, it can be customized by digital printing to have it matching the layout of your club jersey. Upon request, cycling jerseys pre equipped with the Aero Hump Pocket are available. It weighs about 20g. It comes in one size,  about 200mm wide, 300mm long, and 140mm tall, with a useful volume of about 2.5 liters. It is made by bi-elastic microfiber, the one normally used for most of the cycling jerseys.
It has been conceived by riders for riders, to carry rain coats, water bottles, maps, spare tools or just any other thing that you need on your ride.  Sew it or have it sewn on one of your cycling jerseys and you are ready to go. 

Aero Hump Pocket Installation.
Carefully position the Aero Hump Pocket on the back of the jersey on which you want to sew on.  As shown in the picture (PIC1) , align the pocket about 10 to 15mm below the neckband.  The optimal distance can vary depending on the helmet that you use, the jersey and your morphology.  10 to 15mm has been proved to work most of the times, however the final solution is up to you and it might require some correction.  When the pocket is positioned correctly, keep it in place with some needles (PIC2).  You might want to make some temporary marks to help you to keep the pocket in place.  Begin sewing.  A simple one line lockstitch has been proved to be enough.  If you are sewing by hand I suggest a one line backstitch.  DO NOT SEW on the top horizontal line of the pocket , as shown in the picture(PIC3) because that will be the entrance of the lower pocket.   When you are done with sewing, insert the foam sheet into the upper pocket.  You are done and ready to ride.

Aero Hump Pocket Use.
It will take a couple of times to get used to the new pocket.  Eventually it will became just as convenient as normal pockets.  Go ahead with measuring your speeds.  Pretty soon it will be clear to you that the pocket provides you a 3 to 5% aero drag reduction.  It can be washed exactly as for any other cycling jersey, with and without the foam insert.  If you want to use it with an hydro bag I suggest you this one , which fits perfectly:

With water bottles or hydro bags, only make sure to separate them from your back by putting something in the lower pocket, in order to keep them cool. 
NOTE: Using the Aero Hump Pocket needs adjustment and adaptation work that needs to be taken care by the final user. The results are function of the helmet, the jersey and the morphology of the final user.  Bicycle riding and racing is a dangerous activity.  The vendor claims no responsibility for any damage or accident that might be generated by such activity. Customers are expected to check all parts for proper fit before installation on their own . This sale is final, no return.


Aero Hump Pocket with
the patch sewn by us on your Jersey


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Same as  above, only send us one of your jerseys and  we will sew on it an Aero Hump Pocket!

This solution might be interesting if you really have no tailor in your area to get this job done.  The Aero Hump Pocket patch can be sewn on also manually, but that would take some time and it can turn out to be gruelling (I did it once and it took me 6 hours) .


Aero Hump Pocket
Pre-equipped Jersey

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A made to order Aero Hump Pocket equipped cycling jersey.  Get in touch with us to discuss colors, graphics, size, fabric  and practically anything else since it is fully customized.  Allow  about a month to get it done.  Upon request a Aero Hump Pocket equipped Aero Skin Suit can bemade also.

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Additional sales tax and import duty might exist depending on the country of destination.

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