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RoadToPista Vertical Dropout Adaptor

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The ROADTOPISTA adaptor enables to fit a track rear wheel with a 120mm spacing onto a 130mm spacing road bike.  Additionally, it reduces the seat angle, steering angle and it lifts the bottom bracket, making a road bike more similar to a track bike.
Road to Track conversion.
1)Remove the rear wheel. Remove the rear derailleur and cables. You might need to remove the rear brake. Remove the road chain. 2)Remove the rear derailleur hanger. If it is not removable, you might need to cut it out. 3)As shown in the picture, bolt on the RoadtoPista (R2P) adaptors. 4)Put the rear track wheel in place and evaluate if it is required to file down (or cut) some parts of the vertical dropouts.  This is the most delicate phase, where it is required how to adjust the vertical dropouts and bolt/washers in order to get a good match between the vertical dropout and the track adaptors.  Evaluate how many washers are required to catch back the thickness that has been removed with the rear derailleur hanger.  Evaluate if it is required to file down the nut washers as shown in the picture.  5)Prepare a little quantity of epoxy glue and put it on the face of the adaptor that will get in contact with the dropouts.  Epoxy glue is used to impede the R2P to rotate under the force of the chain.  Not all riders need to epoxy glue the R2P.  Another way to avoid the R2P rotations is with the small hole on the side .  You can either safe wire to it or thread it up , and put small screw on it. 6)Put in place the R2P adaptors according to the position identified on point 3. 7)Snug real tight the R2P (45 Nm, as max for M10 screws). 8)Put the rear track wheel in place and tension the chain.  Snug the hub bolts in. 9)Wait 24 hrs for the glue to cure. 10)You are ready for the velodrome.
Track to Road conversion.
11)Remove the rear track wheel and chain. 12)Unscrew and remove the R2P bolts. 13)With pliers get the R2P unglued and remove them. 14)Put back in place all the road bike components (derailleur hanger, derailleur, chain, cables…) 15)You are ready for the road again.

NOTE: The conversion needs adjustment and adaptation work that needs to be taken care by the final user.  This adaptation work might be more or less invasive, and in certain cases it might not be reversible. Bicycle riding and racing is a dangerous activity.  The vendor claims no responsibility for any damage or accident that might be generated by such activity. Customers are expected to check all parts for proper fit before installation on their own . This sale is final, no return.


RoadToPista Vertical Dropout Adaptor


Get the CAD (DXF format) file of the adaptor to cut it yourself at your preferred machine shop!

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Packaging is , at least right now, still done with recycled card board boxes.

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