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Electric Minibike
Electric Minibike
Motor: Go-Kart starter RH from TS-Racing (Coleman)
Voltage: 12 V
Starting Amps: ? Amps
Tested Battery : AC Delco Deep cycle M24MF
Max Speed : 32 km/hr (20 mph)
Range : 9~18km (5.5~11mi)Estimated
Sprocket Option: 9 teeth #35 Chain
Clutch Option:11 teeth #35 Chain, centrifugal
Wheel Sprocket : 72 teeth
Tires : Nobby 410-350-5 (Tire OD= "11.5)
Power control : handlebar mounted 2 wires On-Off Switch
Current Control: 120A 12V Relay Low side + Security Switch
Sensors: Bike Speedometer 4 functions. Sensor magnet taped to front rim.
Brakes : Front wheel Drum Brake
Weight: 50 lbs including packaging (no battery)
Frame type : Scout frame ("LiL" Indian small)