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G. Ganio's Perpetual Yard Sale
I live in an apartment.
I can not do a yard sale other then an on-line yard sale.
I have several prototypes to sell.
24 Hour Toll free ordering at
Orders can also be placed with other techniques. Simply get in touch with me: Giuseppe Ganio-Mego at:
12892 Heritage Drive #101
Plymouth, Mi
48179 USA

This is a pretty small "side business" more tuned toward personal education then profit. The current target is to get the electrical minibike to go 25 mph. That might require to wait till next spring in order to get decent weather for testing. Also I am looking for other products.

    12892 Heritage Drive #101
    Plymouth, MI 48170
    Phone: (734) 354 9638

    Shipping/Handling Policy:

    Actually I am still learning how to use the Ordering procedure, but so far I have understood that at best it should work like this:
    1)You choose the products that you want to buy, fill up your shopping cart and checkout.
    2)Regardless of the payment method that you have selected, a preliminary order is e-mailed to me.
    3) I approve the order and e-mail back to you the final order, with final price and delivery information.
    4) Then you do the real payment, according to your preferred method.
    For Online Credit Card Payments , Please use , either one of :
    Please, use the "" e-mail address for these payments.

    5) I receive the real payment and I ship the item or I start building the item if it is not already available.

    Shipping Charges are at customer's responsability.
    The shipping charge will be calculated according to the hosting e-commerce web site procedure. In this case ( the shipping charge will be calculated in advance for all shippments ending inside the continental USA. For shipments to the continental USA I will have the tendency to use UPS as the shipping vector. For shipments to overseas I will have the tendency to use the United States Postal Service as a shipping vector.

    Privacy Policy:

    I will never sell or trade your information including your e-mail address.

    Return Policy:

    If you are dissatisfied for any reason with the item purchased, simply return the Unused item to me within 60 days.
    Include a copy of the invoice.
    Use the original shipping carton if possible.
    Prepay shipping charges. Returns sent COD will not be accepted.
    Unless if it is differently specified, full credit wil be given if the merchandise is dead at delivery or if I have made an error. All other returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge.
    For additional explanations