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Additional Info
The Mini125RD has been designed to fit into a box possible to be sent by ordinary parcel post everywhere in the world.  That  means that the box should have the sum of the longest side plus the length of the girth to be minor or equal to 2000mm. 
This bicycle is suggested to be ridden by riders from the age of 6 to the age of 60.

Totally Handmade
This bicycle is totally handcrafted as a complete custom prototype.
Because it is totally handmade, a certain level of adjustment and tuning will have to be performed by the final user, since hand made products are not and can not be identical from each others.

Design and development methodology
Overall design and cyclist position has been studied with BikeCAD of The Bike Forest.  (see pictures)
Detailed design and FEA have been done with Solidworks and Cosmosworks.

Not Gorilla Proof
This bicycle is intended for city street commuting and bicycle touring.  It has been designed to be as light as possible while being submitted to the typical loads generated by bicycle commuting.  Using this bicycle for free riding evolutions, unreasonable accelerations, hitting obstacles at unreasonable speeds or any other similar activity will result in the sudden failure of the bicycle in one of its parts.
Treat this bicycle with care.
Strong legged riders might experience pinion chain noise under heavy accelerations.
Ways to reduce the occurrence of this noise is to tension the chain properly and to use a newer pinion.
Using a high quality crank might also help in reducing the occurrence of this noise.
The Pinion Chain Noise can occur for many hours before leading to chain/pinion failure.
Stronger riders might get the free wheel to skid.  This condition can be sustained for some minutes before leading to free wheel failure. 
Going downhill with this bicycle for more then 2km might lead to wheel melting.  This is function of the road grade of descent, rider weight, ambient temperature and several other factors.  Therefore this bicycle is not intended to be used on long downhill trips.
So far this bicycle has been tested for a rider maximum weight of 80kg.
Riding on wet surface is normally too skidding with new wheels.  With used wheels it is normally OK.  Furthermore, when riding on wet surface, because of the low distance of the roller bearings from the surface, moisture will enter the roller bearings.  It is therefore required to lubricate the roller bearings after each wet ride.

Using the Mini125RD as a stool
Actually we wished to do better at this target, but the Mini125RD can still be used as stool.  Just lower all the way the saddle and turn it 180 deg and then you can use the bike as a sort of stool.  Not confortable, but better then standing for extremely tired travellers.

Bike lock-up suggestion
One convenient way to lock the bike to a post is as shown in the picture here below:.

Known Problems
(on construction).
Chain snap noise. In case of loose chain, snap noise might occure under heavy accelleration. ( SEE VIDEO ). This noise will not cause any damage.  This problem can bee solved by tightening the chain frequently.  A new pinion also help.

Head set getting loose.  This problem happens with brand new bicycles.  By tightening and re-tightening the headset will set and solve this problem. This is a convenient way to re-snag the headset, if it got loose.  ( SEE VIDEO ).

Rear wheel slipping.  (Epoxy glue it, video) (to be continued).

Rear PU wheel melting (only happening with geared bikes, non metal core wheeled at very hot weather conditions). (to be continued).

Pneumatic Wheel rolling friction, (to be continued).

Handlebar grips get close to the ground when the bike is folded.  There are several ways to mend this problem.  One way is to put a glove over the grip that touches the ground, before folding the bike.

Front wheel rattle noise, over bad surface.  There are several causes to this noise.  Several details need to be paid attention at in order to reduce this noise, for example the brake cable housing has been covered with a small tire tube, reducing the noice generated by it slamming against the inner walls of the handlebar pipe.

snap crack chain noise video

Head set adjust video

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