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The more you will use the Mini125RD the more ways you will find to carry and bag it.  Here listed some suggestions about how to bag it.

Brompton Cover
The Brompton Cover fits well over a Mini125RD (see the video below). The weight is about 300g.. The Brompton Cover is available from several vendors on the internet. Here where to buy it : ,

Potato Sack
A 90cmX50cm general use sack, covers a Mini125RD in an ideal way.  Best sacks are the pp poly vinil tarp plastic fabric ones.  With a hot soldering iron it is possible to cut a hole on them to allow the saddle of the bike to stick out. The weight is about 70g.

A large furoshiki (105cmX105cm) can be a good way to bag  a Mini125rd. However not as convenient as the Potato Sack. (Pictures coming) .The weight is about 300g.

Biathlon Style Rucksack Harness
(Pictures coming).

A Wind Jacket
You can use your windjacket as a bag for the Mini125rd. (Pictures coming).

A T-Shirt
You can use an ordinary t-shirt as a bag for the Mini125rd. (Pictures coming). The weight is about 150g.

Ikea Bag
The bike fits into an Ikea bag.  They cost 0.6 Euro/each at Ikea stores. The weight is about 90g..

Any(Most) Messenger Bag
The Mini125RD can be carried with any messenger bag (see picture below).  So far we have tested it with a Bagaboo bag and with a Timbuk2 bag. There are mainly two ways to carry the bike with a messenger bag.  More info in the future. The weight is about 1200g, including the plastic sack

To carry a Rucksack with a Mini125RD
Below a convenient way to carry a rucksack with a Mini125RD.

To carry a Messenger Bag with a Mini125RD
Below a convenient way to carry a messenger bag with a Mini125RD.

Purpose Made Minibag
Self contained minibag, intended to cover chain and front wheel for easier traveling on public transportation. The weight is about 40g. (Under Development).

Rucksack Cover
80 L rucksack cover. The weight is about 120g.

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