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Go to Mini125RD BLOG for latest development updates! 

Max Speed Chainring
Purpose = longer gear to cruise at max speed.
Development Status = Validated, ready for production.

Improved Trolley Kit
Purpose = easier 2 wheel trolley layout.
Development Status = Validated, ready for production.

Gear Hub Bracket
Purpose = gears, regardless of the weight.
Development Status = Validated, small adaptation redesign needed and then ready for production.

Chainring Disk Brake
Purpose = enable the bike to ride downhill for long distances.
Development Status = Going thru feasibility tests.

Small Size Mini125RD
Purpose = to fit people shorter then 140cm.(Crotch height from 70 cm to 85 cm; Height from 120cm to 165cm)
Development Status = Going thru feasibility tests.

Pedelec Mini125RD
Purpose = electrical assist for the Mini125RD.
Development Status = concept drawings made.

Mini125RD_ppu (rear 150mm PU wheel)
Purpose = pneumatic front wheel and PU rear wheel, to retain the advantages of both.
Development Status = Validated. It works.  It is faster, but it is bad on cobblestone.

Mini125RD Chain Tensioner
Purpose = to tension the chain.  Especially usefull when using the 6 teeth sprocket.
Development Status = Going thru feasibility tests.

Mini125RD with Xootr Wheels
Purpose = Speed on smooth asphalt.  Xootr wheels are one of the fastest around, considering theri success at soap box derby.
Development Status = It fits. Huge roll, however no miracle on cobblestones. Nice gearing with 84T and 10T pinion.

Mini125RD with Micro Mobility PU suspended wheel (Speed+)
Purpose = to check out this new invention.  Interesting way to damp out shocks.

Development Status =  It will be tested soon.

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