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Polyurethane (PU) Wheels
Any inline skate or kick scooter wheel polyurethane with a diameter ranging from 100mm to 125mm can be used on a Mini125RD.  Rebound properties of the polyurethane wheel are important to reduce the rolling friction of the bike.  We suggestto use only super hig rebound PU wheels with a durometer lower then 83A for the front wheel.  For the rear wheel we suggest lower then 83A compound till outside temperatures of 25C.  Above 25C we suggest harder compounds.  For very agressive/fast riders we suggest metal core wheels, especially duirng hot summer days, otherwise the real wheel might melt. 

To get spare wheels, get in touch with us (  Wheel choice is getting bigger every year.  

Pneumatic Wheels
Pneumatic wheels have to be of 6"x1"1/4 kind.  They need to be inflated above 6 bars otherwise the bike will have too much rolling friction.

Pneumatic Wheel Kit
All what you need to transform your PU wheeled bike into a Pneumatic wheeled one. It includes: lower fork, brakes, rear bracket and screw, rear hub, pneumatic wheels, brake cable housing.

Buy Now!  90.0 EUR + shipping, Convert Currency
for additional info:

Note on Rolling Friction
Brand new pneumatic wheels tend to have more rolling friction then what they get used.  This will be felt especially at cold tire conditions. A period of tire break-in is therefore required to better appreciate the mini125rd_p.

Wheels  Sources
On Construction,
For pneumatic wheels :

Rear Sprocket
To get spare sprockets, get in touch with us (
6T, 7T, 8T, 9T and 10T available.  Get yours here:
 Thread has to be M8x1.25mm(standard).

Front Chainring
To get spare sprockets, get in touch with us (
Currently only 84T and 122T available. Other sizes makable upon request.

Folding Pedals
Pair of folding pedals. Weight about 400g.

Buy Now!  9.9 EUR + shipping, Convert Currency
for additional info:

Any Other Spare Part
We have built this bike form a to z. Any other spare is available or can be fabricated.  Get in touch with us (

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